Find the best tennis products with me

Let’s do a little briefing about table tennis and things related to this particular sport. Basically, as you all know table tennis is a sport that requires 2 or 4 players who serve a tennis ball, also known as a ping-pong ball. They keep on hitting the ball back and forth until one of them looses. Now let’s come to the part where I tell you about the amazing place where you can find the best quality products for table tennis. It is nittaku! The best Japanese brand to ever exist. It produces a wide range of products ranging from table tennis racquets to nittaku table tennis rubber and many others.

Different types of Nittaku rubber series and products are;

nittaku table tennis rubber

  • Nittaku G1 Fastarc series
  • Nittaku S1 Fastarc series
  • Nittaku P1 Fastarc series
  • Nittaku C1 Fastarc series
  • Nittaku hurricane pro 3 turbo- blue sponge
  • Nittaku hurricane 3 neo (8701)
  • Nittaku hurricane pro 3 turbo- orange

The series of Nittaku rubber have gotten an official certificate from the international table tennis federation and have been approved for use. This series only include the- G-1 Fastarc, P-1 Fastarc, S-1 Fastarc and C-1 Fastarc.

  • The G-1 Fastarc is known as the best type of rubber produced. It comes with a grip-type topsheet which has wide pips and narrow spacing of pips.
  • The S-1 Fastarc is generally cream in color and has a speed-type topsheet.
  • The P-1 Fastarc is a lemon colored rubber with a plastic-ready type of topsheet.
  • The C-1 Fastarc is the same color as S-1 series and has a catch-grip type of topsheet.